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Giving Up Dairy

So I did it. I gave up dairy and I have not craved it yet. But to make sure I can still eat a healthy breakfast, I bought the So Delicious® Coconut Milk Beverage in Vanilla. It’s a yummy source of B12 and it’s also soy free.

So today I had the Bob’s Red Mill muesli with water and some honey cooked up in the microwave and it was pretty good! I had mixed greens with cranberries too. For dinner I also had a salad with some artichoke and Morning Star BBQ ribs.

Feeling pretty good today.


Hello there! This is Deemakesjewelry (“Dee”) of Deemakesjewelry. September was a really rough month for me: school started, heavy stress at work, sluggish due to my recently diagnosed sleep apnea, struggles with losing weight etc. I have been feeling sluggish lately and just not happy.

So…I have made the drastic choice in deciding to become a vegetarian/vegan (I am  off eggs, dairy and meat but, I slipped and bought smoke salmon. Oops!) in just one week. My inspiration to change my eating habits came about from 2 DVD’s I watched this past week: Change Your Food, Change Your Life by and The Beautiful Truth.

Vegan gal has her own DVD, where it shows her presentation to an audience about her journey in becoming a vegan after she was tired of her health problems and weight gain. She has a lot of common sense ideas of why the most developed nations have medical and weight issues. The video also includes recipes and helpful shopping tips.

The Beautiful Truth is about how the way food is processed today which affects not only our bodies but our health. The movie centers around German’s   Dr. Max Gerson,  who in the 20th century proposed a direct link between diet and a cure for cancer. Before and after his death, the medical industry and his peers downplayed Dr. Gerson’s findings even though many of his terminally ill patients beat cancer.  Despite his opponents denial, they seemed to have fear in his findings:  his secretary destroyed his last manuscript in his last years, which took another year for him to re write and during his illness when writing his manuscript, he found that he had been poisoned with cyanide.

I went food shopping last night and these are some of my purchases (Note: I have not listed all the ingredients for each product):

Simply Limeade- purified water, sugar, lime juice.                                         Verdict: A lil’ tart so I added some water.

Bob’s Red Mill muesli- date, whole grain wheat, seeds, raisins etc.           Verdict: I tried it hot and it was okay but grainy. The fruit helped. Must try it cold.

Morning Star- Hickory BBQ Riblet

Verdict: Drooling.

The Baker Yoga Bread- cranberry, flax seed etc.                                              Verdict: Yummy!

Still waiting for my consumption:

Sun Crystals – a blend of stevia and pure sugar cane

Amy’s scramble wrap- No eggs, tofu, vegetable and cheese (oops)

Amy’s Shepherd Pie- yummy organic vegetables and no PEAS! (yes!)

Stonyfield- O’Soy yogurt (good-bye greek yogurt…crying)

To be successful in my new way of eating, I have decided that I am going to have realistic goals and a different way of thinking.

  • Being realistic I am not perfect and I was not raised in a vegan/vegetarian family. An occasional slip is okay!
  • My reason’s for doing this: To lose weight but in a healthy way.
  • To gain a healthy body = Having a healthy Mind. – I need to get as much TLC as I can. Sleep and meditation will help me in staying focus.
  • Eating healthy requires some preparation Eating healthy food at work can be achieved if I prepare ahead of time and bring it with me in a cooler
  • Mr. Carb can’t be my new BFF- So that I can become a healthy veggie by getting vitamins into my diet, I need to find other foods to feed my hunger.

I would love to make new friends so stick around by clicking on the RSS feed or leave a comment. I welcome your advice and comments to help me with lifestyle change! For now, I am Living Without Moo.